Solving Client's Problems

How we helped a customer move business from Mexico back to The USA! (plot twist – our customer didn’t think we had a chance).

How we compressed time and helped a customer get out of a bind with absurd speed, saving them from going into a line down situation.

Client Testimonials

ProSource was able to partner with us, becoming an extension of our supply chain, by providing VMI via Kanban directly to our manufacturing line, in addition to providing cost savings on products that we were previously getting from a manufacturer in Mexico.

I am impressed with the persistence that they show to continue to improve and provide value.  In today’s world of everyone being busy, Prosource stays with it to deliver beyond expectations.

My electrical technician quit in the final stages of an extremely important project. We didn’t have any drawings and specs. ProSource came over the same day and picked up 25+ samples. I three weeks they were able to quote, build first articles and save us on our production run.

We’ve always built our power cables in house. ProSource was able to find total cost savings without consuming a ton of my time. We outsource 100% of our cable assemblies now.

We went to ProSource with a complex wire schematic and enclosure project. We needed to get a quote asap. ProSource was able turn the quote accurately and timely. They didn’t get hung up on the minor details.

ProSource missed a delivery for a committed pull in. Tim Hissam personally drove four hours to Austin the next morning. He delivered the HOT – expedited parts to our receiving doc right when we opened. He even dropped off pink cupcakes that his daughters made the night before.

We were having delivery issues with our current vendor. ProSource took 16 samples from our production line. They were quoted within days. ProSource came up with an awesome solution to manage our needs. ProSource is now our primary supplier.

ProSource came up with a crafty way to handle long lead time items for spotty buy parts. We were not forced to order a bunch of finished goods and were still able to preserve excellent pricing and short lead times.

We love working with ProSource. Their team is very easy to work with, and we always get quick answers. I’ve always got multiple connections at ProSource, including the owners direct cell phone number.

ProSource is great at communicating. They are very responsive, even when things weren’t going to plan. We were able to work through a delivery issue together because they were transparent.

ProSource makes the quote process so easy. They are not afraid to show us their costs. This helped both of us drive cost out of the proposal. We awarded the business to ProSource.

I didn’t think there was a chance ProSource could compete on our turnkey project. ProSource took limited information and was able to construct a lean proposal that provided nearly 15% in total cost savings!

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