What We Do

ProSource is the leading provider of cable assemblies, electrical
enclosures and cable management

Wire & Cable Assemblies

With 30 plus years of experience, ProSource has seen pretty much every version of wire and cable assembly. From simple high-volume jumpers to massively complex cable assemblies. Our automated machinery helps us stay competitive and hit unrealistic lead times.

Power & Battery Cables

Every strand counts. We have precision stripping equipment to make sure the strands are not nicked, cut or compromised. Every Lug is installed using high powered UL approved compression systems. The last thing you want is a battery cable exploding, causing costly and unsafe conditions

Electrical Enclosures

We meet you where you are at. Sometimes our customers want a portion of the assembly completed and others what a total turnkey panel to show up at their door. Either way, our supply chain is well established to keep lead times and project costs down!